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A few pictures of me building… Scale models? Figurines? Diorama items?
No, not this time. I work part time in a Computer shop. So I’m building computers from A to Z. Depending on the order of the customer I take such and such computer caising (tower, rackmount, flat computer), motherboard, processor, memories, power supply, hard disk(s) and optional components when required and I build up the thing. Then I install the operating system, the softwares and I make the configurations. I also repair computers once in a while.
I work with 4 top notch computer technicians. They have years of experience and me around 1 1/2 year, part time, but I think that I should have built at least 100 machines of different kinds up to date. I like these guys. We have a very good friendship all together. Apart my job of building or repairing computers I do the receiving of computer components from suppliers, verify if nothing is missing, put the prices on the items, fill the shelves of the store and make some cleanings. I also install slot walls and shelves in the store and do the repairs on the building as I am a good handyman. I studied car mechanic at school, worked in a garage, worked in different workshops as an assembler, builder, I worked on the road on installations. I have been a merchandise container repairman in the Port of Montreal for a steamship line (boy, it’s cold in the winter working outside on the edge of the River). I worked in a shop of fiberglass yach and boats as an assembler/fitter, worked in a tinsmith shop, on production in a window and door company and more… I am used to work with all kind of hand tools, machines, jigs, crafting templates and I work with all kind of material. My father was a very good handyman and I learned so many things from him.

How is this job related to my hobby crafting miniatures? You don’t know how many very small parts we can find on a motherboad of a computer. What can you find in a computer mouse, in a keyboard, a printer, a scanner… and the list goes on… One day, I should make a page on so many tiny parts of the computer industry that I used as inspiration and transformed in some miniature parts for my hobby. All the trash from the cumputer shop I can take, my friends are giving it to me for my personal hobby.

Nota: This page was edited in 2012, I am retired now, but can still get some trash material from my friend’s computer shop.

Any question or comment?   florent@montrealminiatures.com

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