Yes, I am an idiot, yes … of course

Please, don’t loose your precious time writing to me that I am an idiot. I feel so sorry for you. I’d like to help, but I can’t.
I know… I know… I was born like that. There’s nothing to do …I think.
I’d like to be as good as you are, and to be as smart as you are and as intelligent.
I’d like to be a genius like you … a good person like you… but I was born not intelligent … and clumsy, and miserable. I was born as a tiny and weak and insecure little boy and it never changed much. I do plenty of errors every day of my life and I try to correct myself, or maybe that I don’t try enough…. Try, Just a little bit harder… as was singing this wonderful Janis Joplin, when I was a teenage. She was singing it for me I guess…


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