This website loads at its best if you use Firefox as browser

It is always better to have at least 2 different browsers in your computer because sometimes a browser is down and if you have only this one in your computer, then you can not go on the internet, unless you have a copy of another browser on a disk, a USB key that you can load in your computer. You can load if you want Firefox and also Netscape, or Firefox and Opera, or Firefox and Chrome (from Google). Up to date the one that I like the most is Firefox,

A browser doesn’t all the time read or interpret the XHTML, HTML, CSS and other languages of your website exactly the same way as another browser, so using a browser or another one gives sometimes different results on some details of your website. I use Firefox all the time when I add something on my website and of course I look at the results using the same browser. I don’t like Explorer, it is a bit crappy, doesn’t load good all the time. Firefox is better in term of quality.

Here is the link to download Mozilla Firefox in English, or in French or in many other languages :